Green Pesto Dressing Recipes

  • Penne Pasta with Courgettes and Mozzarella

    We're working hard to bring you delicious recipes with ingredients that you might have knocking around your cupboards or fridges - first up this penne pasta with pesto dressing, courgettes and mozzarella. Delicious cold the next day too for a working from home lunch. View Post
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Burrata

    Delicious meat-free Monday inspo from us today! For us, salads certainly aren't just for summer, and a super easy way to make them a little bit more seasonal is adding roasted vegetables to your winter salads.  View Post
  • Roasted Tomato, Olive and Green Pesto Linguine

    A delicious, quick and comforting midweek meal for a slightly miserable October day. We love this recipe as it's the perfect way to use up fridge leftovers and store cupboard essentials and can be rustled up in a flash. View Post