Ethical Marketing Statement

Here at Lucy's, the consumer is at the heart of everything we do. We want to make sure that our customers are consistently provided with high quality products that really do add fabulous flavour to their dishes. 

Our marketing activity is at the core of our many of our customer interactions, and we want to make sure that we are consistently communicating with our consumers and demonstrating our values and purpose. 

We have big dreams as to where we want to go, but we want give back every step of the way, whether that’s volunteering in our local community, working towards B Corp certification or reducing food waste.

Our products are all made in the UK in small batches using quality ingredients and produced in SALSA accredited facilities. 

Lucy's ethical marketing principals:

  • We will always be truthful and clear in all our communications
  • We will always ensure product transparency 
  • We will always protect consumer data and privacy (please read our privacy policy for further information) 
  •  We are committed to sustainable sourcing and supporting local suppliers wherever possible 
  • We are committed to gaining B Corp certification, as well as pledging 1% of our total sales to charities fighting climate change and other social issues
  • We will always listen and respond to consumer queries or concerns, and work to action points as swiftly as possible
  • We will always strive to improve and innovate our range, ensuring that the customer is always receiving the highest quality Lucy's products  
If you would like to hear more on our ethical marketing policies, please get in touch via

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