Meet the Team

Lucy Mackenzie 
Fave product: Lemon & Caper Dressing 
Crazy hobby: Swimming in Tooting Lido all year around, well nearly!
Hebe Plummer
Sales and Operations Manager 
Fave product: Lime and Chilli Asian Dressing 
Crazy hobby: BMF on Clapham Common come rain or shine
Ursula Runacres
Marketing Manager 
Fave product: Light and Tangy French Dressing
Crazy hobby: Going to Infernos on a Friday night and leaving on a
Sunday morning
Jamie Hough
Sales Executive
Fave product:
Crazy hobby: 
Chief Woofer 
Fave product: No comment
Crazy hobby: Jumping in the pond at Clapham common no matter the weather
Lucy's Board
Directors: Lucy Mackenzie & Ludo Mackenzie 
Non-Executive Directors: Tim Came & Aaron Glover