Lucy's Dressings Supporting WellChild

Lucy's Dressings Supporting WellChild

Lucy’s Dressings is proudly supporting WellChild, the national charity for seriously ill children. 10% of online sales in May will support seriously ill children when they need it most. In addition, Lucy will also personally match fund these donations. Keep your eyes peeled as well for an exciting online recipe tutorial in May showing you lots of lovely ways to use Lucy’s Dressings!  

The children WellChild support are amongst the most vulnerable in the UK; they are more likely to be seriously impacted by COVID-19, not only by the virus itself, but also knock-on effects on their families, the health service, and the carers that they rely on to stay alive. Families caring for seriously ill children are desperately looking for support, and many worry that they will not be able to cope by the time this crisis reaches its peak.

One of the biggest anxieties for these families is the impact on care for their child. One mum told us her story:

“So one of our carers is self-isolating. She’s texted to tell me - no contact from company at all. Now have no cover for the next 9 nights 😣. Working as a nurse on frontline on no sleep... what could possibly go wrong!”

WellChild funds children’s nurses around the UK to look after these children, as well as a support network for carers and families called the WellChild Family Tree. By purchasing one of Lucy’s Dressings you’ll be helping WellChild provide support to seriously ill children and their families now, when they need it more than ever.

We're also planning a cooking demo in May, so tune in to learn how to make some tasty wraps with Lucy’s Dressings.

Take a look at our products here and remember 10% of all sales in May will go directly to WellChild.

Love, Lucy's Dressings

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