Lucy’s Dressings Sachets around London!

Lucy’s Dressings Sachets around London!

You might have spotted some of the Lucy’s team out and about in London last week. We gave out 2,000 free Lucy’s Dressings sachets to promote our 20% offer currently in Waitrose stores.

We had a lot of fun introducing Lucys’ to Londoners and speaking to people who’d already bought and enjoyed our products! Read more about the campaign…

Lucy's team preparing for sachet campaign

Preparation in action…sticking 2,000 sachets to leaflets before packing up ready to hand out the next day. 

Lucy's team handing out our new sachets!

Handing out Lucy’s Dressings to lucky passers-by. Hopefully they were enjoyed on office lunches and dinner at home that evening!

Becky in Waitrose

Becky, our office assistant, happy to see the 20% promotion in place on Waitrose shelves. Hurry, this is only running until 10.10.17.

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