Our Values


Here at Lucy’s, we’re all about fabulous flavour; Lucy and the team spend hours upon hours testing and tasting products to make sure we get the balance of flavours just right.

Whilst the products aren’t still made in Lucy’s kitchen, we make them in small batches in the UK using the methods you’d use at home - always have done, always will be.

We use British Rapeseed Oil, in many of our products, sourcing it as locally as possible. Rapeseed Oil is much lower in saturated fats compared to olive oil, and has a higher burning point, meaning you can also cook with our dressings too. Check out our recipe section for plenty of fabulous inspiration!

We have big dreams as to where we want to go, but we want give back every step of the way, whether that’s volunteering in our local community, working towards B Corp certification or reducing food waste.